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Robert Marseilles, M.D.

Dr. Marseilles is a graduate of Wheaton College, the University of California, the Davis School of Medicine, and the University of Iowa College of Law.

Although he originally trained in family medicine, he later followed his passion for understanding the complexity of the human mind and human behavior by re-training in psychiatry at the University of Chicago followed by a fellowship in addiction psychiatry at Northwestern University.

His areas of clinical interest include addictions and professional impairment, mood and anxiety disorders (especially PTSD and OCD), the relationship between psychiatric disorders and medical conditions, and the role of spirituality and faith in healing and wholeness.

Dr. Marseilles has had training in cognitive behavioral therapy, psychodynamic psychotherapy and mindfulness meditation, and integrates these modalities in his treatment programs. In addition to the role psychotherapy and psychopharmacology may play in improving mental health, he believes “lifestyle” modifications are of central importance as well. Therefore, he is dedicated to encouraging individuals to examine the role, physical activity, diet, interpersonal relationships, and social connections play in improving their quality of life and daily functioning.

To complement his work as a clinician, Dr. Marseilles is also planning to teach on topics of professional interest such as the interface between medicine, law and ethics and the relationship between creativity and psychiatric disorders.

His personal interests and activities include writing fiction and non-fiction, fly fishing, chess, cross country skiing, hiking, and playing the blues on his guitar.

He can be reached at (630) 653-2300 ext. 470

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